Whey proteins are superb allies in slimming and weight control diets as they boost the sensation of satiety, help stabilise the sugars and insulin, and therefore lead to a reduction in body fat. They also have prebiotic power that allow them to act synergistically with other ingredients of this formula.


This soluble fibre reduces the speed of absorption of dietary sugars, which helps the sensation of satiety and prevents sugar cravings. It also diminishes the absorption of dietary cholesterol and can help reduce total cholesterol and LDL in individuals with high cholesterol.


Supplementation with hydrolysed collagen aids better hydration of the skin, increases the production and density of the collagen fibres, strengthens the skin, and prevents the appearance of stretch marks and “orange peel” skin.


Lactospore is a patented probiotic that brings health benefits when consumed in sufficient quantities. It aids the immune system and has beneficial effects on several symptoms such as abdominal swelling and discomfort, which is a common complaint among women.


Oxxynea® is a formula rich in nutrients derived from a range of fruit and vegetables. It has the power to significantly increase the antioxidant capacity, and is therefore a strong ally in protecting the skin against premature ageing.


Vitamin C helps delay ageing of the skin because of its antioxidant power. It stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin, contributing to a smooth skin as well as protecting it from oxidative stress.


Silicon is a component that endows the skin with strength and flexibility. It also increases the formation of collagen.


Hyaluronic acid is present in almost all the body fluids and tissues. Owing to its water retention capacity, it gives more volume, support, hydration, firmness and elasticity to the texture of the skin.


Collagen is a protein in our body which decreases in production as we get older. Hydrolysed collagen helps boost the collagen levels and leads to an increase in skin elasticity and reduction in wrinkles, giving the skin with a more attractive appearance.


A potent protective agent of the skin that boosts resistance to the harmful effects of exposure to the sun. It helps prevent ageing of the skin by acting directly on the conservation of collagen and elastin, thus helping to maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin.


L-Arginine is an amino acid  that plays an important role in cellular healing.


Selenium is a potent antioxidant and an essential substance to maintain the structure and youthfulness of hair, skin and nails. Zinc carries out the synthesis of keratin, thus helping avoid brittle nails and dry hair as well as preventing hair loss. Copper helps prevent flaccidity and premature ageing of the skin.


Many of the group B vitamins are involved in cellular division. A deficit of these vitamins especially manifests itself through rapidly splitting tissue such as hair, skin and nails.


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps the organism to protect itself against the action of the free radicals, and when it is ingested together with vitamin E it becomes even more effective since it regenerates the antioxidant capacity of vitamin E.


L‐carnitine makes the difference because it performs several roles in the organism. It boosts the use of the free fatty acids to obtain energy, thus helping the metabolization of fat and weight control. But it is not just in relation to body fat that this amino acid brings benefits, as it also seems to contribute to a better cognitive function. This agrees with our vision that beauty is not only external, but also radiates from inside a person.


A plant with several antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea helps prevent the main enzymes responsible for the storage of fats. It functions as a therapeutic agent that helps reduce lipids in a permanent and safe way.


Guarana is a fruit from Amazonia that has several benefits. Its antioxidant power helps neutralise the free radicals. It is energising given that it is rich in caffeine and theobromine. Its consumption increases the daily energy expenditure and therefore helps fight against obesity. Furthermore, it helps reduce appetite as it keeps stable blood sugar levels.


Supplementation with choline normalises the energy metabolism, weight gain and resistance to insulin in diets rich in fat. Choline plays an important role in regulating the energy metabolism throughout the body.


Essential for a lasting satiety, keeping intestinal traffic regular and healthy gut flora (the microscopic allies that produce all kinds of beneficial compounds from what the body is unable to digest).


Glucomannan is a soluble fibre; in other words, it absorbs water. As such, its ingestion leads to a sensation of greater satiation during the day, making it easier to maintain a balanced diet with fewer sugar cravings, thus allowing better weight control at the same time as helping keep the intestinal traffic regular.