After 12 years of experience in the nutrition and wellness market, in the year 2000 GoldNutrition is born. Custódio César, a seasoned nutricionist and founder of the brand, always had a clear idea that the way for a fulfilling and healthy life is nutrition, hence the creation of GoldNutrition. The passion and conviction that quality is non-negotiable have turned an idea into a brand. Everyone in here also believes that this is the recipe for success.

Since 2000 a lot has changed. A small team in a small room has become a solid company with seals and certificates that verifies their excellence and commitment with their work. Several ambassadors (Olympic athletes, coaches, doctors, nutritionists and influencers) have come to join us in our journey becoming the “face” of their favorite nutrition´s brand. Quality is our commitment to our Employees, Consumers and Stakeholders.

We are here to stay, because we know that our products do something for you: they make you happier.

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The GoldNutrition Woman line was created and designed by women. It was born from the need of a range of nutritional products only for women, products that adapted to our needs. This is how we were born in 2017 with the purpose of giving women nutritional options based on the physiological and physical problems that are common to all of us.


Beeing a woman is not beeing perfect… it´s to be authentic, to be a super woman in her own way. To be a woman is to know that some things we do well or very well and others go terribly bad. It´s accepting your own imperfections and feeling proud about them. It´s asking for help in difficult times. It´s knowing that we can not always do everything we want and that there are priorities. It is above all to feel happy at the end of the day.

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Catarina Beato - Blogger e Influencer
Catarina Beato

Blogger and Mom

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Cuca Roseta

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